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The Secret of Success

We are growing! We have recently added a full time flight instructor and there will be more exciting announcements soon. 

To obtain a Private Pilot License(PPL) in Canada, there are several requirements,  note: you only need to be age 14 to start training and you don’t have to do ground school first. Start flying right away!

  • Student Pilot Permit Age 14 (for solo flight), PPL Application Age 17
  • Valid Category 1 or 3 Medical Certificate
  • 45 hours of Ground School – Most of our students do Ground School online – there are several options
  • Successfully complete (60%) Transport Canada Private Pilot Written Exam
  • 25 Hrs Dual Flight Training Minimum
  • 20 Hrs Solo Flight Training Minimum
  • Successfully complete Private Pilot Flight Test
  • Instrument & Navigation Training

Hourly costs vary depending on which of our aircraft you fly  and how many hours to completion which depends on the student. Time also depends on the pace that the student chooses. Some people complete a license in 3-6 months, others over several years, whatever works for you.

Per hour rates:

Instructor $70/hr

Cessna 150 $145/hr

Cessna 172 $180/hr

Flight Simulator $100/hr

There are also some required books and supplies.

All together most schools would say the total cost would be about $10,000 – $12000

 Vanderhoof is really a wonderful place to learn to fly! We have the wide open valley, little traffic, great instructors and a wonderful supportive aviation community. We are fortunate to have a local  examiner as well!